Other Activities

Out & About meets three or four times during the year at various places of interest in the area.  We have been to such places as the Palm Springs Tramway, the UCR Botanical Gardens, and the Jurupa Cultural Center among other places.

SEIBC California is divided into 18 different geographical regions and each region has its own Inter Branch Council, composed of all the branches in that region.  The Riverside Branch is part of the South East Inter-Branch Council (SEIBC) which is composed of 10 different branches.  The SEIBC meets three or four times a year to discuss mutual problems and share solutions.  Once a year the SEIBC has a Leadership Day for all members and it is usually well attended. October 29, 2016 meeting.

Book Project — The Riverside AAUW has a book project in which an elementary school, which is low-performing, is given books for the K-1 level classes. With a reduction of allocated district book funds, the branch is making an effort to provide needed books for the school chosen that year.  Members spend time carefully selecting books at teacher supply stores and various department stores located throughout the city. Those wanting more information or wishing to contribute to this project can click HERE.