By Taffy Geith

             “Meet me at the Marcy,” on Sunday, July 22, from 5 to 7 PM, was an event that delighted the hearts and minds of the library lovers who came.  The Marcy, a jewel of our Library System, was a perfect setting for a fund raiser for the Libraries.      The gala organizers displayed their expertise in the relaxed, festive atmosphere they created, the yummy food, and cool drinks at different locations in the library, the joyful, familiar music by the brass quartet, and, of course, the interesting people present, which included the Library Director, current City notables, and future City leaders.  The silent auction in the center section of the Library gave attendees ample opportunity to peruse and bid on a variety of options that featured four very different selections of visual art among many other things.  Kudos to our own classy AAUW President, Barbara Purvis, for encouraging our attendance and also for providing the highest bid on one of the auction offerings.  It would seem that she cares very much for libraries and always has the needs of her many organizations on her mind.

     This fund raiser at such a lovely library with interesting, like-minded people was one of the most rewarding two hours a library/book lover could possibly spend on a sunny Sunday afternoon.